Footwhistle Glow Worm Tour

The lights are kept low to let you see the magnificent glowworm displays only inches away. Around a corner lie the bones of one of New Zealand's lost treasures, the ancient extinct Moa, and the Te Anaroa cave stream flows in the darkness below.

Because the Footwhistle Tour only takes a maximum of 12 people, feel free to chat to the guide and ask as many questions as you like. The lights are turned up and you see the stunning Te Anaroa cave formations. Be sure to take photos! The guide tells the stories of the creatures that live here - "Titiwai", the glow worm, and "Tuna", the eel.

And after enjoying a relaxed stroll through the cave, you'll see the Te Anaroa Cathedral lit up by a dazzling magnesium torch. Although the display only lasts a few seconds, your memories of the Footwhistle Cave Tour will last a lifetime.

Phone 07 878 6577

Caveworld Ltd, Waitomo Caves

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