LW 01

Lost World 4 Hour

The descent takes around 30 minutes of the total 4 hours required. Abseil slowly alongside your instructor, who is on a separate rope providing information, reassurance... and a backup safety tether.

Imagine free-hanging in a massive void... bouncing a bit and turning because of the sheer length of the rope. Look around into the upper levels of the cave and see giant spagatites (like giant green hands growing out of the walls. Weird plants struggle to cling to the sheer walls and all the while the roar of the Mangapu river echoes up from caverns far below. One guide looks after up to 4 people, all making their unforgettable descent together through the surreal mists and eventually landing in the base of this massive cavern.

Once down, take in the awesome views before starting on an even more amazing trip back to the surface. Climb over huge slabs of rock and a series of ladders. See excellent glowworms and huge flowstone formations. See why Tom Cruise did this trip 4 times!

Phone 07 878 7788

654 Waitomo Caves Road, Waitomo

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