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Lost World 7 Hour Epic

The 100m freehanging abseil will astound you, but that's only the beginning. Spend the rest of the day walking, wading and swimming through the cavernous passages of this famous underground system. Yes, you need to be moderately fit (e.g. go bush walking for a day) but the trip is intended for complete novices - all you need is a swimsuit and a smile!

See giant oyster fossils and whalebones, giant flowstone (like icing sugar running down the walls). Lots of fun and optional challenges - water jumps, climbs and spiders. Includes an absolutely fantastic glowworm display.

Includes lunch & a BBQ dinner, plus all equipment (helmets, lights, wetsuits, ropes, harnesses, boots etc).

This will be the highlight of your world trip. If you came to NZ looking for top adventure, this is the one thing you must do - it's the unchallenged, unbeatable Best!

With over 25 years of operation, Waitomo Adventures Ltd is Waitomo's leading independent adventure operator and remains family owned.

Phone 07 878 7788

654 Waitomo Caves Road, Waitomo

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