Ruakuri Cave

Ruakuri Cave is New Zealand's longest guided underground walking tour and an experience that must be seen to be believed. It will leave you open-mouthed, awe-struck and humbled by the sheer majesty of nature.

Your journey begins at The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co. headquarters where your guide will meet you. From here you will be transported to Ruakuri Cave, where you will enter through the drum entrance down a spiral walkway. A world of mystery and intrigue awaits you. Immerse yourself in the Mana of Ruakuri and discover the spirit that connects the land and people.

Your guided journey will take you deep into the unknown. Crystal cave tapestries will enthrall you in the Drum Passage and as you descend, you will follow the rumbling sound of the Hidden Waterfall to the bridge where the glowworms illuminate this eerie world. Gaze in wonder at stalactite straws, flowstone and majestic formations that surround you. Continue into the dark corners of Holden's Cavern, where your guide will tell you about the local Maori legends and tapu places. Experience a sense of trepidation as you traverse the Ghost Walk. Let your imagination take hold and feel the spiritual power of the cave.

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585 Waitomo Caves Road, Waitomo Caves

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