Floating near cave exit Legendary Back Water Co. Waitomo

The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company - "Black Labyrinth"

This is the original 3-hour Waitomo subterranean adventure that will have you climbing, black water tubing, leaping and floating through Ruakuri Cave where streams spill & twist, joining up to build a river canyon. The water carries you down the hidden waterfall and rocky chute then slides through vaulted limestone galleries to finally emerge into the Waitomo forest.

This classic caving adventure has made The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company famous the world over.
Over three hours you'll take leaps of faith over cascading waterfalls and float serenely down an underground river as you enjoy the glow worm show on the vaulted limestone galleries above.Your journey ends when you emerge into the sunlight of the Waitomo forest.

"Black Labyrinth" is suitable for beginners 12 years and over and at least 45 kgs in weight. You'll need to bring swimwear and a towel (Wetsuits and footwear are provided). Water temperatures are 10-14 C. We restrict each tour to a maximum of 12 people (allow 3 hours).

Free Phone 0800 228 464

Phone 07 878 6219

585 Waitomo Caves Road, Waitomo

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